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How clinical decision support can drive value, retention, and revenue for today’s health systems
How healthcare executives can increase organizational revenue by employing an asynchronous telehealth solution Bright.md
Discover key care themes arising post-pandemic and how to assess digital solutions for a sustainable hybrid care model.
In this report, we’ll explore core business challenges healthcare executives are facing, and how digital tools that effectively integrate navigation can help to address them.
Healthcare systems must meet new patient expectations for a variety of virtual and in-person care options without adding confusion or friction points.
The Patient Will See You Now: A Patient Experience Checklist is Your Key to Success in 2021
Patients know an in-person visit with a specialist or that addresses multiple complex issues will come at some cost. But they expect a smaller price tag for care for low-acuity…
Beyond Substitution: Digital Transformation to Change How You Deliver Care—Not Just Where.
Widespread adoption of remote care is a win for both providers and patients, but in many cases a remote visit takes as much time and effort as an in-person visit,…
From the Front Door to the Top Line
How a wide-open virtual front door and care automation can help systems recover care volumes and top-line revenue.
doctor, reading message on phone
Can the telehealth platform you select make all those systems you've invested in work harder for you? Yes.
Bright.md SmartExam
Learn which boxes a vendor should be able to check for you, and what the red flags are when they can’t.