SmartExam URI Module

An integrated COVID-19 online screening, evaluation, escalation, and care delivery tool

In addition to caring for millions of patients with common upper respiratory issues such as colds, sinus problems, and flu, hospitals and healthcare systems must now triage and prioritize patients with exposure to COVID-19.’s SmartExam URI Module helps you scale capacity to handle it all, while you effectively help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Keep your virtual front door open and connect patients who need care today with clinicians who can deliver it now.

A complete virtual patient experience

SmartExam covid screening screen
  • The patient responds to a simple, adaptive mobile interview from the safety and comfort of home, reporting recent symptoms, health and travel history, and community exposure to COVID-19.
  • SmartExam collects this information and automatically adds it to a patient’s electronic health record.
  • Then, generates SOAP-note-formatted documentation recommending a diagnosis, treatment plan, and risk assessment rating of the patient’s exposure to COVID-19.

An expert provider response

SmartExam clinician screenshot
  • Providers can identify patients with common upper respiratory infections including COVID-19.
  • Route them within their hospital’s appropriate venue of care.
  • Send home-care instructions, provider-approved medications, and important educational materials depending on the severity of the illness—all in under 2 minutes.

Learn how you can be using the Smart Exam URI Module within 2 weeks, for immediate results.

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