Products offers you three solutions

COVID-19 Screener

Onboard in 2 days

To help combat the threat of COVID-19, offers a free evaluation, screening, and escalation tool to all hospitals in the United States and Canada. This new screening tool is designed to do three things:

  • Limit the number of “worried well” patients visiting your ER and urgent care clinics.
  • Empower providers to focus on their most critical cases.
  • Reduce the overall burden health care systems face due to COVID-19.
screen covid 19 screener main
SmartExam covid screening screen

Smart Exam URI Module

Onboard in 2 weeks
  • Treat patients presenting with common upper respiratory infection (URI) symptoms. 
  • Benefit from the URI module’s inclusion of the COVID-19 Screener and SmartExam’s care delivery capabilities. 
  • Meet your patients needs with a single SmartExam module to scale your system burden effectively. 


Onboard in 2 months

With the SmartExam care-automation platform, eliminate administrative busy work to virtually treat hundreds of low-acuity conditions in under 2 minutes, while you protect everyone from increased risk of infection.

  • Adopt a virtual care solution that’s fully interoperable with your EHR.
  • Be up and running in weeks with a hassle-free, seamless implementation.
  • Train clinicians to use the platform in less than an hour.
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Evidence-based care

SmartExam clinical content is always up to date, which means you’ll deliver care that consistently adheres to evidence-based best practices.