March 5, 2019

Nursing mothers can get care from home from

PORTLAND, Ore. — March 5, 2019 — In time to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8,’s Canadian healthcare partner, GOeVisit, will be the first to make the mastitis module available to its patients.

In addition to everything else they do, women make 80 percent of healthcare decisions, and use telehealth services in much higher numbers than the general population. is dedicated to making healthcare affordable and accessible for them by providing healthcare partners, such as GOeVisit with direct-to-patient, non-video telehealth solutions.’s SmartExam has a growing suite of modules that help women get treatment for conditions unique to them—including UTIs, yeast infections, access to birth control—and now includes a module to address mastitis. Patients experiencing pain associated with breastfeeding can use SmartExam to get treatment for mastitis, plugged milk ducts, and candidiasis of the breast or nipple (also known as thrush).

“Untreated breast infection can lead to serious and costly health complications, as well as discontinued breastfeeding—an outcome that denies the mother and infant the important health and economic benefits of breastfeeding,” says Dr. Ray Costantini, co-founder and CEO of “On a more personal front, as a parent of four, I’ve seen the anxiety, pain, and frustration of mastitis. Moms and families with new babies don’t want to go back to the hospital or doctor’s office. SmartExam allows them to get care from home, without exposing newborns to germs.”

Nursing mothers can log on to SmartExam, answer a dynamic set of clinical questions, and upload photos, privately and securely, if necessary. A healthcare provider then reviews their information, and—usually within an hour—delivers a treatment plan, prescribes any necessary antibiotics, and sends referral to a lactation consultant if the mother needs assistance with breastfeeding technique.

“GOeVisit SmartExam has been helping women from all over Canada get treatment for medical conditions that are unique to them,” says Liz Bryant, CEO of GOeVisit. “Whether they need care for UTIs or yeast infections, or access to birth control, convenient and affordable care is at their fingertips.”

In addition to the new mastitis module, SmartExam helps GOeVisit and leading healthcare systems throughout the United States provide treatment for more than 450 common medical conditions.

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