July 12, 2018

GOeVisit employs Bright.md’s SmartExam platform

Portland, Ore. — July 12, 2018 — MyCare MedTech Inc., a Canadian company that is devoted to taking virtual health care to the next level, has chosen Bright.md to help provide Canadians with a cutting-edge platform for receiving medical treatment. Bright.md Smart Exam™ facilitates virtual consultations and enables users to directly connect with medical practitioners on their computer, smart phone or tablet to diagnose, treat and prescribe for minor illnesses and injuries. This service, which is now available, is called GOeVisit SmartExam.

“The decision to move to this platform was an easy one; it is a superior service that allows us to continue to offer Canadians a unique way to gain access to medical care.” said Liz Bryant, Chief Operating Officer at GOeVisit. “GOeVisit SmartExam is a user-friendly service that has the ability to keep pace with and integrate new and improved technologies in the coming years. We are confident it will outperform all existing virtual healthcare platforms in the market today.”

SmartExam’s artificial intelligence capabilities act as a virtual physician’s assistant, dynamically conducting a clinical interview and using the patients’ answers to gather relevant information to support medical providers in the delivery of virtual care.

It provides Canadians with quality care that is private, secure, fast, affordable and convenient. Accessible from anywhere and any device, SmartExam is fully-automated, meaning prescriptions are sent to a pharmacy of choice and the patient summary is sent directly to the patient via a secure link.

“With GOevisit SmartExam, we wanted to offer virtual care that provides a high-quality experience for both the patient and the clinician, and allows for continuous improvement,” said Dr. Raj Attariwala, Medical Director of AIM Medical Imaging and Medical Director of GOeVisit. “Medical technology doesn’t stand still, and neither can we.”

“We’re delighted that GOeVisit has chosen SmartExam as their virtual care platform,” said Bright.md CEO Ray Costantini, MD. “Clinicians can now diagnose, treat, and prescribe for more than 400 minor illnesses—from coughs, colds and flu to minor injuries and pediatric care, all through the mobile app.”

Canadians have been receiving care via GOeVisit SmartExam since the beginning of July, joining the millions of healthcare consumers already experiencing the benefits of SmartExam from leading healthcare systems around the United States.

For more information, please visit Bright.md or GOeVisit.


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