October 9, 2019

Cheyenne Regional Medical Group Partners with Bright.md

Cheyenne, WY — October 9, 2019 — Cheyenne Regional Medical Group (CRMG), the largest group of medical providers in Wyoming, has selected Bright.md’s asynchronous virtual-care platform, SmartExam, to power their delivery of convenient online access to primary and urgent care for low-acuity conditions. The group is confident SmartExam will help them differentiate their services in a market increasingly crowded with urgent care clinics.

“The convenience of urgent care clinics makes them attractive to patients,” said Kerry Slater, CRMG president. “But that care is fragmented and not tied to their health record or the relationship they have with their provider. With SmartExam, we are able to offer access to high-quality care that far exceeds the convenience and affordability of walk-in clinics while protecting the patient’s continuum of care.”

Starting in November, SmartExam will provide convenient access to care for hundreds of common conditions, including colds and flu, allergies, rashes, urinary tract infections, and sinus pain. Cheyenne-area adults can log in to SmartExam from home, the office, or wherever it is more convenient for them, and be guided through a dynamic, medical interview. When the patient is finished, an on-duty board-certified CRMG clinician receives a notification that a patient is waiting in the queue. The patient’s responses, as well as the medical history from their EHR, are reviewed by the clinician who then provides a diagnosis and treatment plan, including prescriptions—often in an hour or less.

Because SmartExam automatically updates the patient’s EHR, the information from their visit is available at regular check-ups or follow-up visits. This automation also saves clinicians’ valuable time, creating efficiency and cost savings to both the patient and CRMG.

Patients’ expectations of how they access health care have shifted enormously over the past few years. By providing the high-quality care their patients expect in a more convenient and affordable way, CRMG will delight the patients they have, attract new ones, and set itself apart from other care offerings in Cheyenne and throughout Wyoming, says Dr. Ray Costantini, CEO and co-founder of Bright.md. “We look forward to partnering with CRMG to deliver innovative ways to keep their community healthy.”

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