December 5, 2018’s SmartExam™ now helps patients get treatment for back pain

PORTLAND, Ore. — December 5, 2018 — has added a module to its SmartExam telehealth solution that will help patients get comprehensive treatment for low back pain. Approximately 80 percent of adults will have low back pain in their lifetimes, and 26 percent of adults reported having back pain in the past three months.

“Low back pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek care — and miss work,” said Dr. Eric Norris, Medical Director of Express Care Clinics at Providence St. Joseph Health in Portland, Oregon. “This new SmartExam module is simple, on point and will allow patients to get safe, evidence-based treatment from a provider they trust without making what can be a painful trip to a medical office.”

SmartExam acts as a virtual medical resident, by thoroughly and adaptively collecting information from the patient about their symptoms and medical history and integrating it with relevant information pulled directly from the electronic health record (EHR). It then provides a provisional diagnosis, treatment plan and chart-ready SOAP note for the physician to review. For the clinician, it requires just a few clicks and often less than two minutes of time to deliver care. Unlike video visits, SmartExam allows patients to seek care — and providers to deliver it — from anywhere, using their smartphone or computer, 24 hours a day. No high-speed Internet connection required.

The release of the low back pain module was made possible with the addition of order and referral management (ORM) capabilities within SmartExam. Patients with low back pain can log on to SmartExam using their smartphone, computer or tablet, answer a few questions about their pain and symptoms, and then receive a treatment plan from their provider. Importantly, treatment can include a referral to a physical or massage therapist, or another practitioner who can help the patient along to recovery. These options are often more effective than medications and help prevent the unnecessary use of opioids — an important point of value, given the country’s ongoing opioid crisis.

“With referrals, healthcare providers are able to safely and effectively diagnose and treat patients, while also helping them along their care journey within the system,” said Dr. Ray Costantini, CEO and cofounder of “The seamless care experience leads to better patient outcomes for lower back pain and other health issues, and helps systems attract and retain patients.”

Treatment of low back pain continues to expand the number and range of conditions that can be treated by SmartExam to more than 450. Watch a demo of the patient’s experience with the low back pain module here.

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