October 28, 2019

Bright.md Unveils Product Enhancements for Optimized Patient-Centric Care

PORTLAND, Ore. — October 28, 2019 — Bolstering its efforts to help healthcare systems stay competitive in a landscape increasingly populated with disruptive new entrants and tech giants, Bright.md, the leading health care delivery automation company, has added new functionality and content to its award-winning asynchronous virtual care platform, SmartExam.

“As the physician capacity shortage continues to impact the industry, health care organizations are challenged to serve more patients than they can see in a day. Patients who are frustrated at delays in care often just look for another provider. In response, many organizations are implementing digital strategies that enhance their ability to attract and retain patients, and stay competitive,” said Dr. Ray Costantini, CEO and co-founder of Bright.md. “But a digital front door that leads to nowhere creates more problems than it solves. What they really need is an automated point of entry that can help them treat everyone more effectively, and more efficiently, while lifting the burden that’s been put on the doctors.”

Key enhancements to SmartExam are focused on improving care delivery and enhancing provider workflow integration, ensuring that SmartExam continues to provide a seamless patient and provider experience. Innovations include:

  • Smart Care Pathways™ — Care escalation for critical scenarios: SmartExam will integrate more deeply into escalated modalities of care offered by its customers. If a patient’s condition requires a higher level of care than can be provided through SmartExam, integration into the health systems’ care navigation will allow for SmartEscalation. For example, if a patient reports crushing chest pain during a SmartInterview, the software can dial 911 and direct emergency personnel to the patient.
  • Care Advisor™ — Simplified guided interviews at point of entry: To enhance patients’ experience with SmartExam, Bright.md developers have leveraged AI for a natural-language interface. Instead of selecting from a list of conditions, which means the patient needs to have an idea of their ailment before they start the online exam, now they answer a simple question and based on a patient’s free text response, SmartExam starts an adaptive, personalized clinical interview, leading to a more accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
  • Configurable Formularies —Customized for system preferences: Bright.md’s health system partners can now customize the list of medications they want prescribed for the conditions SmartExam supports. The clinical content in SmartExam already contains a database of evidence-based treatments, but if systems prefer a certain medication over another, the formulary will reflect that.
  • Inclusive Design— Greater accessibility for health equity among diverse patient populations: In 2019, Bright.md rededicated itself to an inclusive-design approach that makes SmartExam useable to as many patients as possible. Since midyear, the platform has been fully ADA-compliant, making it accessible to patients with hearing and visual impairments. Additionally, SmartExam now conducts an organ inventory in relevant modules rather than requiring patients to choose a gender, enhancing the patient experience for LGBTQI patients.
  • Security Assurance — SOC2 data compliance: Bright.md continues to work to ensure the privacy and security of its systems. Moss Adams has completed an audit of Bright.md and issued a SOC2 type 1 report to provide health care partners with assurance that security controls are in place and effective.

“At Presbyterian, we believe useful innovation is a building block of health care,” said Dr. Ries Robinson, chief innovation officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “Bright.md’s dedication to that shared value is reflected in the ways they continue to improve their offerings and propel health care forward.”

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