Treat more patients with less effort automates clinical intake, clinician workflows, and administrative tasks to improve the productivity of every type of care encounter. This empowers providers to treat up to 10x more patients and, in many cases, deliver care in under 2 minutes.

Guide patients to the right venue of care, the first time

Achieve positive patient outcomes and save costs with interactive guidance for your patients directly from your website or patient portal. Patients simply select the symptom that’s relevant to them, answer a few questions, and the recommended care option is presented for on-demand access or scheduling.

Give patients a consistent, thorough clinical interview

Ask patients about their symptoms and health history during a self-guided, dynamically changing interview, prior to virtual or in-person care. translates the interview into clinical documentation made accessible right in your EHR.

Deliver on-demand care for low-acuity issues in 2 minutes

Care can be delivered online and in minutes for the kinds of conditions that make up more than 50% of primary and urgent care visits. Providers receive a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history and provisional treatment plan. They can treat patients from anywhere, with mobile-friendly chart notes. seamlessly integrates with your EHR
Whether you operate on an Epic or Cerner platform—or any ONC-certified system— flows into and out of your EHR system seamlessly. Deep interoperability sets apart. More importantly, it lets your providers offer clinically excellent care more efficiently, allowing you to maximize your patient volume and revenue.

“The pandemic has made asynchronous care more critical than ever before to address healthcare workforce shortages and provide patients with the care they need. serves as a ‘breakthrough’ leader in asynchronous telehealth by making high-quality healthcare accessible, affordable, and convenient” wins 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Telehealth Solution for second consecutive year