Change is happening now Get ahead of the curve

Our simple, mobile-friendly solution helps you drive new revenue streams and control costs

Change is happening now Get ahead of the curve

Our simple, mobile-friendly, AI-powered solution helps healthcare organizations drive new revenue streams.
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Before COVID-19 changed everything about urgent primary care response, was relieving provider burden and burnout, boosting patient capacity, and introducing sustainable ROI gains. 

Some of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S. and Canada now:

  • Digitally attract, triage, and treat 15x more patients in a day—without tech staff burden. 
  • Control costs even with systems operating at capacity. 
  • Offer a solution patients and providers trust for its clinical excellence, thoroughness, and treatment speed.
  • Benefit from a fully interoperable solution that manages critical administrative and billing functions. 

Metrics that matter

1 %
90% percent of patients said they planned to use's solution again
1 %
Clients report that 40 percent of new patients come through our virtual care platform
1 x
15x more patients can be treated with platform ( no evening paperwork! )