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November 30, 2021

Patient management made simple: Bright.md, VitalTech partner to power engagement through RPM, asynchronous care

In a move to make care as simple as possible for patients, Bright.md, the leading asynchronous telehealth solution transforming the patient-provider experience and VitalTech, a market leader in virtual care focused on remote patient monitoring (RPM), today announced a partnership to improve care management and streamline engagement for patients with chronic conditions.

By integrating their technologies, Bright.md and VitalTech will make it possible for patients enrolled in RPM to provide updates on their symptoms and check-in with their provider asynchronously. Plus, they’ll use asynchronous care to help solve one of the biggest challenges for remote patient monitoring: identifying and enrolling patients who will benefit from this level of engagement.

For care delivery organizations, this partnership means access to shared data to improve quality, outcomes, and continuity of care, and deliver more effective and efficient ways for providers to engage with patients—all through one single solution. Those managing a chronic condition, for instance, will now have one application that facilitates an asynchronous visit with their doctor, along with video visits, messaging, vital sign collection, medications, nutrition, education, and trends in clinical outcomes.

Reducing complexities through asynchronous tech and RPM

“Patient engagement outside of your facilities shouldn’t come with an additional burden,” said Steven Scott, CEO of VitalTech. “The beauty and promise of remote patient monitoring is in its name—it’s remote. But, in many ways, the technology is still catching up to truly optimize the patient experience. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Bright.md to simplify care for patients, while leveraging our combined data intelligence that grows with care delivery organizations as their strategy evolves.”

“What’s exciting about using asynchronous technology to power care delivery is that the possibilities are nearly endless,” added Steve Giannini, CEO of Bright.md. “By integrating with VitalTech, we’re defining new models of engagement and reducing complexities around patient care management to improve clinician productivity, reduce network leakage, and augment care management—all while improving patient outcomes. We’re proud of this partnership and the innovation it brings to the virtual care space.”

Through this partnership, the companies plan to bring Bright.md’s asynchronous clinical interview to patients already enrolled in RPM. Through the VitalCare app, if a patient has an ear infection, they’ll be able to complete a self-guided questionnaire about their symptoms and get a diagnosis and treatment plan from their trusted provider at least five times faster than typical primary or urgent care wait-times.

Together, VitalTech and Bright.md will build upon their individual success with leading healthcare organizations to bring a more holistic, patient-centered virtual care solution that improves patient access and experience, enhances continuity of care, reduces administrative burdens, and improves patient outcomes.

To learn more about VitalTech and Bright.md’s integrated offering, please reach out and one of our virtual care consultants will be in touch soon.

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