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December 17, 2020

Let your patients screen for COVID-19 from home

In the earliest days of the coronavirus, many healthcare systems added online COVID-19 screening tools—like the one we introduced in March—to their websites. These tools helped keep “worried well” patients out of ERs and clinics, directed them to appropriate care or testing options, mitigated the spread of the virus, and provided peace of mind to both patients and providers.

To date, hospitals that implemented the Bright.md tool have screened nearly 200,000 patients, directed almost 60,000 of them to care or testing, and saved more than 30,000 hours of provider time.

Today, health systems around the country face enormous capacity issues, and healthcare workers are being pushed to unthinkable limits of exhaustion. Preventing the spread of the virus and easing the burden on healthcare workers has never been more crucial.

Bright.md is again making the COVID-19 screening tool available at no charge to any U.S.-based healthcare system. Our rapid-response team is continuously monitoring CDC guidelines and can have an up-to-date screening tool running on a hospital’s website in a few days.

Here’s how it works:

  • Available 24/7, the screening tool includes an adaptive, dynamic interview that asks patients about recent symptoms, health history, and community exposure to COVID-19.
  • When the interview is complete, the screening tool instantly informs the patient of their risk level for COVID-19 and gives clear, clinically appropriate next steps for their condition.
  • Patients with a high risk of exposure are routed to their hospital’s appropriate venue of care. Patients with a low-risk of exposure receive at-home care instructions and COVID-19 educational materials.

Overcoming this pandemic is going to take both collective and individual responsibility. The Bright.md team is dedicated to doing everything we can to help keep patients, providers, and health systems safe and healthy. Our online COVID-19 screening tool is the most efficient and safest way for patients to get care or reassurance from home.

Start screening patients in 2 days

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