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March 30, 2021

Interoperability is the foundation to a robust care delivery strategy

To meet changing patient expectations, many healthcare systems are moving toward a hybrid care delivery model. Giving patients a variety of options for both in-person and remote care is helping systems not only recover patient volumes after the pandemic forced 40% of patients to skip or put off care but also to compete with direct-to-consumer offerings that threaten to further deplete patient loyalty.

A hybrid care delivery model of in-person and virtual visits is unquestionably the future. But ensuring every modality of care is tied to a single source of truth is key to ensuring the best patient experiences and health outcomes. Enter: interoperability.

Though care delivery is typically episodic, a patient’s health isn’t. To provide the highest quality care, a clinician needs to see the whole picture. That requires accessing the patient’s health history from the EHR and synthesizing it with the information gathered during a clinical interview. The challenge? That administrative work takes up to 90% of the time a clinician spends with the patient, which puts a damper on both provider satisfaction and patient experience.

The good news: a robust care delivery platform—like Bright.md—can automate both of those processes for every type of patient encounter, be it face-to-face in-person or via video, or asynchronously. The even better news: no matter how or where care is delivered, it is stored as a discrete episode of care in the patient’s EHR automatically and will be there to inform the next step in their care journey.

This is possible through deep integration into your existing EHR, whether you’re on Cerner, Epic, or any ONC-certified system. Seamless interoperability that includes bi-directional information flow into and out of the EHR not only eliminates 90% of the administrative tasks associated with a patient visit, it protects the patient’s care continuum, ultimately leading to optimal health outcomes–not to mention deeper patient loyalty.

Ensuring your digital tools work well together is key in providing a great patient experience and reducing the administrative burden on providers. Patients love options, but they don’t want to answer the same questions over and over again. A platform that guides them through a clinical interview and then automatically updates their EHR to inform the next step of their care journey–be it remote or in person–provides a seamless and streamlined experience they will come back to you for every time they have a health issue.

To learn more about how Bright.md seamlessly integrates into your existing EHR system, download our Complete Interoperability brochure.

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