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June 15, 2023

Embedded Bright.md brings asynchronous treatment into EpicⓇ for easier care delivery

Why do health systems choose Bright.md? For starters, our clinical content is unmatched and supplements our patient interviews while offering clinical decision support for more than 140 diagnoses. Not to mention, it enables providers to offer asynchronous care without spending time and resources on content creation and maintenance. 

Most large health systems invest millions into EHR implementation and rollout—with the expectation that it will be providers’ primary workspace for care delivery. We knew early on the importance of deepening integrations with the Bright.md platform. And as a result, our new embedded care delivery experience brings greater efficiencies, continuity of care, and security.

Introducing Embedded Bright.md

Embedded Bright.md allows providers to deliver care asynchronously directly in their familiar, secure EHR environment. Embedded Bright.md triggers an Epic In Basket notification to alert providers when a patient is waiting for care, and it uses a custom button to launch the Bright.md treatment interface within an Epic Hyperdrive™ or Hyperspace® window. Once the treatment plan is complete, the auto-generated chart note is logged in the encounter for easy access by those providing care to the patient in the future.

Epic, and Hyperdrive are trademarks of Epic Systems Corporation. Bright.md is not endorsed, certified, or sponsored by Epic, or affiliated with Epic or its products and services.

Embedded Bright.md is the foundation for future innovation

The potential for asynchronous care to solve for common health system inefficiencies is endless, and Embedded Bright.md brings us closer to those expanding use cases. With Bright.md’s expansive clinical content and chart-note automation readily available in the provider’s EHR workspace, the foundation is laid for future innovations, such as

  • Reducing portal message overwhelm by rerouting to treatable asynchronous visits
  • Easing chronic condition management with regular asynchronous check-ins
  • Simplifying post-surgical follow ups with asynchronous interviews

How is Bright.md different from other telehealth solutions?

  • Provider time. Across all of our customers, providers need an average of just two  minutes to deliver care through Bright.md, including chart review, diagnosis, treatment selection, and documentation. 
  • Content effectiveness. Providers delivering care with Bright.md treat 80 percent  of the patients they review fully asynchronously. Bright.md minimizes the back and forth by designing clinical interviews to use more multiple choice and multi-select questions to capture patient symptoms, versus  free-text. This allows us to ensure all necessary information is captured from the patient to determine a diagnosis.
  • Care quality. In partnership with Bright.md customers, a thorough chart review was conducted and determined 89 percent of treated patients do not seek care within 30 days for the same condition.
  • Patient access:.We see the ease of accessing care represented in patient feedback surveys, where one in three patients said they would have sought treatment elsewhere or done nothing if Bright.md wasn’t available.

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