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October 10, 2022

Care access and convenience: Bright.md featured in new Panda Health digital category expansion

As part of a new “Health at Home” initiative, digital health marketplace Panda Health and Bright.md have partnered to bring the power of asynchronous telehealth to more health systems across the U.S. Panda Health’s new category expansion—designed to help health systems provide a full continuum of care—focuses on enabling more in-depth acute care services within the home.

Bright.md’s asynchronous care solution is now featured in the Panda Health marketplace’s new ‘Telehealth’ solutions category, making it even easier for systems to find, evaluate, and understand the power of our asynchronous telehealth offering.

“The emergence of new technologies and solution capabilities are creating care delivery models that enable patients to easily access and receive healthcare services beyond the hospital walls,” said David Harvey, CEO of Panda Health. “Services such as telehealth and RPM are here to stay, and we recognize the importance of assisting our customers with the process of evaluating vendors in this space and re-evaluating their current offerings to ensure they are thriving in this area.”

“Today’s critical healthcare challenges—the consumerization of care, provider and workforce shortages, and financial woes, among others—all point to the urgent need to shift to virtual-first care delivery,” added Steve Giannini, CEO of Bright.md. “As part of the Panda Health marketplace, we look forward to powering a healthier future for more patients, providers, and health systems through asynchronous telehealth.”

Expanding access to asynchronous telehealth

With today’s consumers wanting more digital control over their healthcare experiences—combined with the rising competition for low-acuity patients—health systems have no choice but to expand their digital health offerings to deliver patient satisfaction and capture downstream revenue. Severe staffing shortages and unprecedented levels of clinician burnout are adding to the pressure on today’s executives to ensure that the telehealth solutions they have in place are not only meeting patient expectations, but delivering critical gains in provider efficiency and experience. 

Bright.md helps health systems create an engaging, patient-centered hybrid care model while preserving provider energy and generating revenue. Our solution makes it easy for patients to receive quick, quality care for low-acuity, common conditions through your health system, online. Our asynchronous telehealth solution gathers information from patients through a dynamically-changing clinical interview, designed to mimic an in-person discussion between patient and provider. After a clinician reviews the symptoms and suggested care plan, they can deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan asynchronously in minutes–and all of the charting is automated in your EHR. 

For health systems, the Bright.md solution is improving patient access, alleviating capacity constraints amid workforce shortages, and offering a competitive advantage to drive patient retention. We’re also helping reduce the number of unnecessary ER or in-person urgent care visits, resulting in significant cost savings for the organization and some truly satisfied patients.

“Bright.md is a great product, and in many regards, perhaps even ahead of its time,” said Jessica Remington, Associate VP of Business Development at Winona Health, a long-time Bright.md partner. “I really haven’t seen a comparable product in the marketplace to what Bright.md offers. Offering basic acute care asynchronously—versus synchronously—provides a fast, convenient, effective, and cost-effective experience for patients.”

Want to learn more about our asynchronous telehealth solution? Check out the top five reasons health systems are choosing Bright.md for asynchronous care. 

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