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April 25, 2023

Bright Spots: When do patients use asynchronous telehealth?

asynchronous telehealth care

Convenience and ease-of-use have become mainstays for today’s most successful modes of care delivery. With direct-to-consumer apps and solutions prioritizing personalization and flexibility, today’s health systems need to adapt in order to maintain volumes and keep patients within their health system—versus losing them to options like Amazon Clinic, for instance.

But how can health systems meet patients where they’re at, while keeping an eye on clinician bandwidth and battling labor constraints? 

Convenience care options within your system

Not only does Bright.md’s asynchronous solution help address labor shortages and alleviate burnout—it also offers your patients the convenience they crave by allowing them to access care when it’s easiest for them.

Just when, exactly, do most patients choose to use asynchronous telehealth?

bright.md patient usage time of day

As we can see from our usage data, the same percentage of patients access their care during weekday mornings (8 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.) as they do during “after hours,” or any other time outside of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

What does the data tell us?

When looking at when most patients choose to use asynchronous telehealth for low-acuity care, we’re able to drill down more closely into consumer behavior, while dispelling common myths. For instance, many believe patients only choose virtual care when no other options are available (i.e. after hours or on the weekends). However, we see that’s not true, and instead, the convenience asynchronous telehealth offers leads patients to use it at all hours.

Additionally, convenience is—and will continue to be—at the root of the patient experience. Wait times, travel, repetitive questions, and feeling rushed are all consumer “pet peeves” and greatly impact how today’s patients opt to find care. Not surprisingly, patients crave the ability to connect with a care provider online or via a mobile app—and with Bright.md, they’re able to, when it’s the most convenient for them.

However, time and convenience can be considered a luxury that impact both equity and access. Transportation, time off of work, and time to travel to an office are barriers for many. For those who don’t have the time required for in-person care, asynchronous telehealth is the answer to finding quality, equitable care for common conditions—whenever they want—that’s otherwise out of reach.

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