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January 24, 2022

Bright Spots: The top 5 conditions patients seek care for with asynchronous telehealth

Health systems can see a number of benefits by implementing an asynchronous telehealth solution—reduced administrative burden for clinicians, fewer patients in the ED or urgent care, and even decreases in overall cost of care.

But how do patients like using asynchronous care like Bright.md, and what do they use it for?

Well, for starters, 96 percent of patients who have used the Bright.md platform said they like the experience, while 87 percent who have received care through the platform say they’d use it again. And we can’t blame them. In fact, patients wait only eight and-a-half minutes on average to receive care from a provider, all from the comfort of their own home and without having to turn on video.

So what types of conditions do patients seek treatment for through an asynchronous solution like Bright.md? Check out the top five clinical interviews most-used by Bright.md patients this past year:

  1. Upper Respiratory Infection, including Cold, Cough, Flu, or Covid

  2. Bladder Infection (UTI)

  3. Rash

  4. Anxiety/Depression

  5. Yeast Infection

What does this tell us?

As capacity issues continue to cripple healthcare for both the short and long term, health systems are looking for ways to streamline patient care and keep those with low-acuity conditions out of the ED or urgent care. With Bright.md, patients with common, everyday conditions like those shown above can answer qualifying questions about their symptoms from the comfort of their own home, reducing strain on already stressed departments and clinicians.

One patient who used the Bright.md platform through her health system, reiterated its convenience. “The tool is incredibly helpful,” she said. “Instead of having to drive and then wait an hour at urgent care to see a doctor, I could quickly get diagnosed and [receive] a prescription from home. It saved me time, allowed me not to take time from work, and prevented me from putting my infant at risk by going to an urgent care center where there may be Covid-19. Thank you for this service.”

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