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January 18, 2023

Bright Spots: Is it just Millennials and Gen Z using asynchronous telehealth?

We already know some generations have been quick to embrace  asynchronous telehealth. Millennials and Gen Z have made clear they prefer virtual-first, quick, and convenient ways of getting their healthcare. And while Bright.md delivers on that for these patients, it also begs the question—does asynchronous telehealth actually appeal to a broader audience?

Who uses Bright.md’s asynchronous telehealth solution?

Although today’s younger generations have hopped on board the telehealth train with gusto, we have found that the average age of Bright.md patient users is 37.

In fact, the idea that telehealth is only used by young populations tends to be a large misconception. When looking at Bright.md patient user data, we see that more than half of our users (51 percent) are between the ages of 30 and 49. In fact, 16 percent of our users are between the ages of 50 and 64, while six percent are older than 65.

What conditions do Bright.md patient users seek care for?

Thanks to data pulled from our solution, we can see the average age of patient users for our clinical modules. In turn, we’re able to deduce what patient age groups are looking for low-acuity care online for specific conditions.

For Bright.md’s most-used patient modules, this is what our average user age looks like:

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Bridging the care divide for all ages

When done right, asynchronous telehealth ultimately drives volumes, retention, and savings—and is liked by patients of all ages. We help systems stay competitive against other direct-to-consumer offerings by giving patients a quick, easy alternative to care through your health system. Bright.md makes it easy for low-acuity patients to find, access, and receive virtual care, making it an attractive option for patients who otherwise may look elsewhere.

What’s more, our asynchronous telehealth solution increases the capacity of clinical care teams without taking resources away from primary or urgent care. By offering clinicians trusted evidence-based content that integrates with your EHR, Bright.md enables cost savings all around—from freeing up provider time on documentation to reducing the number of expensive, unnecessary urgent care or ED encounters. Our solution provides value to organizations by increasing access to quality care, while helping you meet increased demand by expanding current clinical capacity without hiring more staff.

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