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December 13, 2022

Bright.md’s Top 17 Resources of 2022: Consumer trends, labor shortages, ROI, and more

Today’s health system executives have a lot on their plates. And when it comes to determining what technology is right for their organization, we know there’s a lot to consider given today’s healthcare landscape.

That’s why we focused heavily on today’s top issues—like burnout, ROI, revenue generation and more—when crafting our resources this past year. Looking to brush up on the benefits of asynchronous telehealth, while learning more about what others have to say about Bright.md?

Check out our top resources of 2022.

Our most-requested resources

Resources that tackle today’s top digital care trends and solutions to industry issues like clinician burnout, direct-to-consumer competition, and health system revenue.

  1. [eBook] How to develop your digital care strategy: Put your telehealth investments to work with Baptist Health’s Dr. Brett Oliver  Hear from two industry thought leaders on how to craft an effective, efficient digital care strategy as systems continue to grapple with the effects of the pandemic.
  2. [Guide] The ultimate guide to asynchronous telehealth Questions remain around asynchronous telehealth, how it works, what health executives, providers, and patients need to know about it, and why it’s a must-have for 2023.
  3. [eBook] Revenue, value, and the future of telehealth Learn how to rebuild patient volumes and drive top-line revenue.
  4. [eBook] Supporting today’s clinicians for tomorrow’s return Dive into solutions to today’s staffing crisis, and learn how clinical decision support can drive value, retention, and revenue for today’s health systems.
  5. [Webinar] 54 seconds to care: Unpack 6 insights into consumer preferences & more Watch our on-demand webinar to hear six of our latest data insights that help you better understand consumer behavior and patient preferences, telehealth user demographics, the value of patient navigation, and more.

Our most-read articles

Quick-read articles, where we cover top industry news and detail ways asynchronous telehealth can impact your organization.

  1. Ask the Expert: What’s different about Bright.md’s clinical content? Bright.md’s clinical content is what we like to think of as the “medical brain” of our platform…
  2. Transparency, convenience, and trust: Consumer data insights for rebuilding patient volumes “Hospitals are experiencing pretty significant reductions in their operating margins—if you look at the numbers, we’re struggling.”
  3. The crisis in primary care: Technology’s role in today’s value-based care models Is primary care simply “tumbling,” or has the system failed us all together?
  4. ‘Amazon Clinic’ launch accelerates need for more consumer access to asynchronous telehealth Amazon’s decision to expand into asynchronous telehealth is just another monumental example of the effectiveness of this type of technology in today’s consumer-led landscape…
  5. 5 ways asynchronous telehealth addresses today’s capacity crisis The rise of critical technology like asynchronous telehealth is proving its value in today’s healthcare climate.

Our impact stories

Bright.md’s customers told us what’s keeping them up at night, how they’re thinking about patient engagement in the year ahead, and how our solution helps tackle some of their top challenges.

  1. How one health system conquered capacity, care access issues with Bright.md New Mexico-based Presbyterian Healthcare Services faced a 20% shortage of clinicians and an overrun ED.
  2. Case study: Bridging the digital divide while exceeding patient expectations With Bright.md, Winona Health offers patients a fast, cost-effective alternative to in-person care
  3. Solving patient access, provider efficiency, interoperability: Baptist Health CMIO Dr. Brett Oliver in Healthcare IT News “The reality is that many direct-to-consumer options don’t want our complex, multi-problem patients. They want the low-hanging fruit…”

Our top announcements

Throughout the year, we were excited to have some great news to share, ranging from new products and awards, to industry-leading partnerships that drive value for your organization.

  1. Bright.md wins 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Telehealth Solution for second consecutive year “The pandemic has made asynchronous care more critical than ever before to address healthcare workforce shortages and provide patients with the care they need.”
  2. Bright.md recognized as one of The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2022 “These companies are changing the face of the industry…They’re leveraging their considerable talent to find innovative solutions to the most pressing issues in healthcare.”
  3. Care access and convenience: Bright.md featured in new Panda Health digital category expansion Bright.md’s asynchronous care solution is now featured in the Panda Health marketplace’s new ‘Telehealth’ solutions category.
  4. Asynchronous telehealth leader Bright.md named to AVIA Connect’s Top Virtual Visit Companies As we eye a virtual-first future for care delivery, asynchronous telehealth has a critical role to play in addressing healthcare’s top challenges.

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