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December 27, 2018

Bright.md’s Brightest Blog Posts of 2018

Our goal with the Bright Ideas Blog is to share our expertise in the arena of virtual care, and to give our readers thought-provoking stories on the healthcare industry.

We want to celebrate our growing readership by highlighting the most read Bright Ideas Blog posts of 2018.

2019 promises to be another banner year for telehealth and innovation in healthcare.

Bright.md’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018 on Telehealth and Virtual Healthcare

5. Meeting consumer’s growing expectations with virtual care

As patient expectations about healthcare evolve, virtual care offers solutions that address their concerns about affordability, continuity, digital access, and engagement.

4. Are you making the most of every patient touch point?

Patients won’t use your telehealth offering if they don’t know it exists. Opportunities to educate them about it show up in some surprising places.

3. Telehealth for men — no embarrassing gowns required

Men avoiding healthcare is not just a tired joke; it’s a population health concern. Can virtual care encourage men to seek care earlier, and for more conditions?

2. Focus on women’s care can improve health system wellness

Women make the vast majority of healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. Giving them options to get care that fits within their hectic lifestyles helps them and can improve the wellness of healthcare systems. (Three-part series)

Part one: When it comes to healthcare decisions, women are in the driver’s sea

Part two: Women’s healthcare matters; ignore it at your peril

Part three: Put women in the center of care with tools and engagement

1. Can virtual care help prevent physician burnout?

The number of physicians reporting burnout, making medical errors, leaving the profession, or—far worse—hurting themselves is on the rise, and many of them say it’s due to increased administrative burden. How can virtual care platforms help?

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