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January 11, 2023

Bright.md Product Release and ‘22 Wrap Up: Improved provider treatment experience, expanded clinical scope, upgraded e-prescribing, and more

Over the last year, Bright.md evolved in extraordinary ways thanks to our customers’ contributions in product feedback, design partner programs, and collaborative user testing. Our new capabilities showcase our shared vision of putting asynchronous care in more hands to improve patient and provider experience, drive efficiencies in expanded clinical interactions, and deliver quality outcomes. Here are our latest product enhancements from the last quarter, some product highlights and learnings from 2022 as a whole, and a sneak peek into our roadmap plans for 2023.

Our latest product enhancements

Population-based pricing enables multiple price points for asynchronous visits

To accommodate each of our customer’s unique billing strategies and financial goals, we enabled population-based pricing that better serves multiple scenarios. Now, customers can offer Bright.md’s asynchronous visits at different price points for different populations.

For example:

  • $0 visits for self-insured employees and other risk-based populations
  • $20 visits for general population

Expanded clinical scope with new interviews for Gout and Acute Gastroenteritis

Gout is the most common inflammatory joint disease and accounts for 7 million ambulatory care visits per year. Our Gout interview supports acute flare and prophylactic treatment in patients 18 years of age and older who have a prior diagnosis of gout.

Acute Gastroenteritis, or “stomach flu” causes 179 million cases and 1 million hospitalizations annually. Our Acute Gastroenteritis interview supports patients 18 and over experiencing symptoms for less than 14 days, with diagnoses including viral, suspected bacterial, and traveler’s diarrhea.

Preferred name now used for patient information for an affirming care experience

Health equity is one of the core tenants of our mission and our product, so when one of our customers–a health system regarded for their commitment to equity and inclusion efforts–noted that our product was pulling  a patient’s legal name from the EHR, even though their preferred name was different, we immediately worked on a fix. Our goal is for all patient users to have an affirming care experience when seeking asynchronous treatment through Bright.md. We’ve modified the way our API pulls in a patient’s name so it refers to their preferred name first.

E-prescribing upgrade with new mail-order pharmacy support and greater reliability 

In the second half of 2022, our team was heavily focused on integrating a new vendor for electronic prescriptions. Not only will this bring greater reliability when it comes to prescribing, but it also introduces two common feature requests we’ve received from our customers:

  • Support for mail-order pharmacy
  • Provider notes to pharmacists when ordering medications

Newly designed provider experience

Thanks to insightful provider feedback, delivering care with Bright.md will soon require even fewer clicks. With a newly designed provider experience that more closely reflects our users’ clinical workflows, we anticipate greater satisfaction and efficiency-gains for delivering care.

Onboarding flow is improved to delight patients and decrease abandonment

Since asynchronous care is still a new experience for so many patients, our onboarding flow is critical. Last quarter, we continued to invest in this area by developing a consistent look and feel throughout our clinical interview, as well as clarifying some steps in the process to ensure the accuracy of patient understanding and expectations.

2022 product highlights and learnings

Bright.md embedded in Epic is now a reality

We’ve been working on support of our product within Epic’s Hyperdrive (also compatible with Hyperspace), and we’re excited to share we’re currently in implementation with two customers.

Completing the clinical picture with medications pulled from the patient’s record 

Asking patients to enter all their medications can be quite time consuming, so we made an update this year to pull in medications from the record in the EHR. After releasing this update, we’ve seen that three more medications are captured per patient, and 40 percent more patients are identified as taking medications.

Covid response with antiviral treatment

As the common antiviral treatment, Paxlovid, became more widely available, we quickly added it to our formulary for Covid-positive patients. Since we added Paxlovid in April 2022, 11% of patients who completed an interview for an upper respiratory infection were prescribed Paxlovid to help prevent severe complications from Covid-19.

Back button increases interview completion rate and reduces startovers

Our simple but mighty upgrade to our interview this year, the back button, has proven itself to have quite the impact on user experience. Since its release in March 2022, average interview completion rate is up and interview startovers were reduced by 10 percent meaning more people are easily navigating the interview and receiving quality asynchronous care.

Navigate encourages new users and proves the power of recommendations

Navigate by Bright.md is helping our customers guide patients to the optimal venue of care based on their condition, quickly and easily. It has also given us incredible insight into how patients are searching for their care needs:

  • When patients are looking for care options online, most of their needs can be addressed with Bright.md (62% of conditions searched in Navigate can be treated asynchronously)
  • When the Bright.md care option is recommended, patients are more likely to select it for their care needs (recommended care options influences patient selection for 8 out of the 10 most common conditions)
  • Using Navigate is encouraging patients to try Bright.md asynchronous care for the first time (78% of patients who start an interview are new to Bright.md)

So what can you expect from Bright.md in 2023?

We believe asynchronous care can add value to every clinical interaction. With that in mind, our product strategy consists of three pillars that drive toward that vision:

  1. Delight patients with easy, accessible care, through ongoing improvements to reduce friction and boost satisfaction, including user experience enhancements.
  2. Empower providers with asynchronous tools they love, by continuing to drive efficiency and usability. We are embedding their experience in Epic through hyperdrive and In Basket notifications, delivering a new e-prescribing experience, building a custom formulary for more clinical autonomy, and more.
  3. Put asynchronous care into more hands, by expanding usage of asynchronous care with new clinical content for chronic conditions, postoperative care, and travel medicine, in addition to integrated workflows for acquiring new patients.

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