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February 21, 2022

Bright.md Winter ‘22 product release: 5 key updates for patient experience, provider workflow

At Bright.md, we believe an asynchronous interview is the easiest, more efficient way to deliver virtual care. Asynchronous technology doesn’t just increase care access—it also allows providers to treat patients more efficiently while maintaining quality outcomes.

With our Winter product releases, Bright.md is delivering enhancements that increase patient satisfaction and improve their experience with asynchronous virtual care. See below for five key product updates we’re making this winter.

1. Patient record verification to ease patient access

Increase patient access to asynchronous interviews by reducing barriers to care. With Bright.md, patients can submit a few pieces of information and begin an interview that leads to care without registering for a portal account first. By removing this requirement, your system can offer a competitive asynchronous care option to more patients, keeping them within your ecosystem and delivering quality care. This feature is currently available for Epic and Cerner customers.

2. Configurable patient routing to tailor the digital patient journey

Not all patients can be treated asynchronously based on certain clinical scenarios that may indicate a more serious condition. When that happens, the patient is escalated out of the asynchronous experience. Configurable patient routing gives full control to the health system for the handoff experience—when it happens, alternative care venues, and guidance to the patient on clear next steps.

Last quarter, we released configurable care options that enabled a customizable set of options available at escalation points. We understand each health system has unique workflows which is why we’re bringing a deep level of customization when it comes to escalations, by introducing Ignored Escalations. This functionality keeps escalation rates low by enabling greater control over mid-interview escalations. Instead of immediately exiting, the patient can complete their interview, which gives the decision power to the provider who can ultimately decide if asynchronous treatment is appropriate.

3. Multi-state patient populations for targeted care

Health systems serving patient populations across multiple state lines now have an easier way to manage patient access by location. With this release, users of Bright.md can confirm patient location and contain access to Bright.md interviews to those inside their designated service area. In addition, providers using Bright.md can easily organize patients waiting for treatment based on their state.

4. Real-time interview activation to increase adaptability

Respond quickly to increased patient demands during surges or other circumstances with self-service control over which Bright.md interviews are currently available. Bright.md administrators can now determine via toggle which interviews are active or inactive via their self-serve platform.

5. Navigate by Bright.md for patient triaging and a digital front door

Improve patient outcomes and save costs by guiding patients to the right venue of care, the first time. Navigate by Bright.md meets the patient where they are by recommending custom care venues based on their reported symptoms. Navigate helps relieve pressure from overwhelmed and overrun call centers by offering smart online triage and directing low-acuity patients to be treated asynchronously.

Since launch, Navigate has successfully guided more than 3,000 patients to care! In addition, nearly one in four of those patients chose to get asynchronous care with Bright.md. In response to urgent multiple health system needs, we’ve successfully implemented Navigate within two weeks.

Have questions about one of these new Bright.md capabilities? Contact us today to get started.

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