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May 3, 2023

Bright.md wins 2023 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Telehealth Solution for third year in a row

Bright.md MedTech Breakthrough Best Telehealth Solution

We’re thrilled to announce Bright.md has been named the Best Overall Telehealth Solution in the MedTech Breakthrough Awards for the third year in a row. 

With the industry experiencing unprecedented change throughout the past few years, we’re proud to offer a solution that continues to evolve to meet the needs and preferences of both patients and providers. At the heart of Bright.md is the mission to transform care delivery, while directly addressing the top concerns plaguing today’s healthcare leaders, such as staffing shortages, burnout, care access, equity, and more.

“As the healthcare industry continues to undergo a massive transformation, telehealth needs to adapt to the expectations of the patients,” said James Johnson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough. 

“This is where Bright.md’s asynchronous telehealth platform comes in. Bright.md is making high-quality healthcare accessible, equitable, and convenient for patients, while also creating efficiencies in clinical workflows that remove administrative burden and allow physicians to practice at the top of their licenses. Congratulations for the third year in a row in being our pick for the competitive ‘Best Overall Telehealth Solution!’”

How Bright.md unlocks efficiency for hybrid care

Since Bright.md’s second consecutive MedTech Breakthrough win in 2022, we’ve been focused on improving the patient care experience by providing a top-tier asynchronous interview process that makes the journey more simple and streamlined for patients. Our solution now pulls in more critical patient information directly from the EHR, saving time, guaranteeing accuracy, and ensuring appropriate diagnosis and treatment. And by refining this process, we’ve also increased our interview completion rate—allowing for even more patients to experience top-quality, convenient care through asynchronous telehealth.

In fact, this past year we’ve also surpassed 35,000 patients successfully guided to care through our digital front door solution, Navigate. By triaging patients to the optimal path to care in less than one minute, we’re improving care access and convenience, while also alleviating administrative burden for providers.

Bright.md has also stayed focused on pandemic-induced issues and other health threats impacting care access. For instance, we’ve added functionality that allows providers to prescribe Paxlovid for Covid-19 patients. With speed critical to Paxlovid’s efficacy, patients are able to receive medication through Bright.md within five days of the onset of symptoms, all without exposing others in urgent care or clinical settings. Beyond updates related to Covid-19, we’ve also introduced new clinical content modules for Gout, Acute Gastroenteritis, and Motion Sickness, while continuing to build and expand our patient interviews to help address new risks and diagnoses, like RSV in our pediatric interviews

“We’re humbled to receive this honor from MedTech Breakthrough for the third year in a row,” said Steve Giannini, CEO of Bright.md. “Thank you to the wonderful Bright.md team who works tirelessly to pursue our mission and create the care experiences that providers and patients want. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, we look forward to advancing asynchronous telehealth even further so that all patients are able to access the care they need.”

About MedTech Breakthrough

The mission of the MedTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of health and medical technology categories, delivering a comprehensive analysis of the health and medtech industry annually. Now in its seventh year, the 2023 program received nearly 4,000 nominations from companies around the world. Winners in other categories include GE Healthcare, Philips, Boston Scientific, Abbott, and other leading companies, from startups to large organizations.

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