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May 6, 2021

Bright.md wins 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Telehealth Solution

We’re honored to share that Bright.md has been named the ‘Best Overall Telehealth Solution’ in the fifth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards! The last year has accelerated innovation and adoption of telehealth in remarkable ways, so to win this recognition at this particular moment is especially humbling. We’re excited to use this momentum to continue building upon our mission to transform how healthcare is delivered for patients and providers.

“Virtual care is no longer the future of healthcare—it is now an integral component of a comprehensive care delivery model and Bright.md is delivering a breakthrough solution in this space, helping reduce patient wait-times, increase provider productivity, and delivering the kinds of experiences that attract new patients and drive loyalty,” said James Johnson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough. “We offer our sincere congratulations to Bright.md on winning our highly competitive ‘Best Overall Telehealth Solution’ award.”

Through these annual awards, independent market intelligence organization MedTech Breakthrough recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global health and medical technology market based on criteria including innovation, ease of use, value, and impact. This year’s awards program attracted more than 3,850 nominations from over 17 different countries around the world.

This recognition comes on the heels of our launch of the Bright.md platform, which expands our virtual care solution to improve provider and patient experiences, automate pre-visit clinical interviews ahead of any type of visit (video, in-person, or asynchronous), and drive operational efficiencies. With this expansion, we built upon the aspects of our solution that patients, providers, and health systems love—the user-friendly interface, streamlined clinician workflows, automated chart notes, and EHR updates—while moving beyond asynchronous treatment with digital tools that power a hybrid care delivery model, which is critical for health systems in the post-pandemic world.

“This award belongs to Bright.md’s incredible team, who bring an unmatched level of innovation, curiosity, and passion to our mission to change how care is delivered for providers and patients—and they are really what make us a breakthrough solution,” said Steve Giannini, CEO of Bright.md. “We’re so excited to be named the Best Overall Telehealth Solution by MedTech Breakthrough at this critical moment for virtual care.”

So, what makes Bright.md a breakthrough solution?

The telehealth space is crowded with products and solutions, but Bright.md stands out for our unique solution, which moves beyond providing a virtual care delivery platform by solving some of the core challenges faced by patients, providers, and healthcare executives today.

We believe there are six key aspects that set us apart, and are core to our recognition as the Best Overall Telehealth Solution for 2021.

  1. Our unique ability to power hybrid care delivery, which we know is the future of healthcare. Far too many digital tools today only shift where care is delivered without getting to the roots of the problem. Our solution is designed to solve some of the core challenges that executives are facing: meet evolving patient expectations, integrate virtual options that streamline your overall care delivery system, and navigate patients to optimal care within your system based on their symptoms and preferences—the first time. Watch our recent webinar on enabling a hybrid care model here.
  2. Our deep, sustained focus on improving both patient and provider experiences. Both patients and providers are at the core of our solution—which truly sets us apart. We’re constantly listening to and learning from patients and providers who use our solution, and improving upon our UI to improve engagement and satisfaction. Many telehealth solutions ignore the provider experience and add to the administrative burdens that providers face, creating additional inefficiencies among clinical teams. We believe that providers deserve a virtual care solution that helps them spend less time in front of their computers and more time doing what they love and are uniquely qualified to do: deliver exceptional care to patients. Learn more about our approach to patient engagement here.
  3. Our focus on our customers and commitment to driving efficiency within health systems. We partner with some incredibly innovative healthcare executives who share our vision of changing care delivery, including from leading health systems like Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Mercy, Oregon Health & Science University, and Prisma Health. These partnerships lay the foundation for what make Bright.md a breakthrough telehealth solution. Much like our fundamental commitment to improving patient and provider experiences through our technology, we care about the challenges that are keeping executives up at night, and we strive to ensure we’re exceeding our customers’ expectations and helping them hit their overall business goals. Hear from one customer, Prisma Health, on how Bright.md helps them improve efficiencies and expand patient access here.
  4. The impact we’ve been able to make with our partners. We reduce 90% of administrative workflows with our automation—meaning providers get critical time back for quality interactions with patients. We also lower patient wait-times to 6-7 minutes on average—about 5 times less than industry standard 30 minutes. And we’re helping health systems attract new patients and drive patient loyalty: 90% of patients who have used Bright.md say they want to use it again. Learn about how we’ve made an impact over the last year through the pandemic here.
  5. Our pioneering technology. When our founders first started building Bright.md to treat low-acuity conditions asynchronously, few healthcare executives had even heard of the concept of asynchronous care. More than seven years later, not only have we proven the value and efficacy of asynchronous care to treat hundreds of common symptoms, we’ve continued to shape the future of healthcare and expand our solution by building upon our core strengths. Explore how our solution works here.
  6. Our incredible team. Last but certainly not least, our people are the heart of everything we do. The Bright.md team brings passion, expertise, and innovation to exceed patient and customer expectations, break the mold in health technology, and deliver our absolute best for the patients, providers, and administrators who use our solution—as well as our customers, our partners, and our community. Checkout our open roles and find out how you can join our growing team here.

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