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September 26, 2022

Bright.md Summer ‘22 Product Release: Removing friction, gathering feedback for a more personalized care journey

For the Bright.md team, this summer will be remembered as chock-full of outdoor memories mixed with exciting progress on new product capabilities to continue to improve our provider and patient experiences and deliver value. To do so, we turned to our health system partners and our provider and patient users to identify high priority needs for improving asynchronous telehealth. 

But before we get into what’s new, we hit an exciting milestone earlier this summer: More than 12,000 people have been successfully guided to care through Navigate by Bright.md! With each patient, we’re gathering new learnings about topics like patient preferences, seasonality trends for searches, and when patients are choosing convenience over recommendations. And we’re measuring the impact we’re making with patients, providers, and health systems to help solve key problems like access, workforce shortages, and lowering the cost of care. 

Here are just three of the learnings we’ve gathered based on how consumers are using Navigate to get to the right care:

  • 52 seconds is the average time it takes people to get to the recommended care option set by their health system after entering their symptoms using Navigate
  • 71% of people using Navigate to find care from their health system’s website are on their mobile device 
  • Patients are choosing asynchronous care over other options (video visits or in-person care) when getting care for the following conditions, among others: 
    • Yeast infections
    • Acne
    • Covid-19
    • Ear pain
    • Cold, cough, or flu

We’re analyzing our data to share more insights and learnings from Navigate by Bright.md soon–so stay tuned for more! 

Here are three key product updates for Bright.md’s summer release:

Personalizing the patient interview experience with current medications

When patients begin a Bright.md interview, they’re asked to list all current medications to avoid any potential interactions that could occur as a result of their visit. To reduce patient friction and accelerate the time it takes a patient to complete their asynchronous interview, we’ll now be automatically populating their interview with all current medications as they’re listed in the EHR. Instead of having to manually enter each medication, the patient will now simply review, make any necessary changes, and confirm what’s already in their record. Added personalization makes patients feel known, while reinforcing the trust they have in their chosen health system. 

*Note: there is variability depending on your EHR. Epic customers will need to update the Bright.md patient access application to the latest version. Cerner and athenahealth customers will receive this update automatically. 

Ensure ongoing success with in-app provider feedback

Gathering feedback from provider users is critical to the success of your asynchronous care program. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever for providers to submit quick feedback on their user experience. The new in-app provider feedback screen (thumbs up, thumbs down, and comment box) will display after the provider signs a chart note or escalates a patient to a different care modality following a Bright.md interview. In-app feedback will give Bright.md and our customers helpful insights that can be used to capture trends, address concerns, make improvements to our provider experience, and track program success.

Easing pharmacy selection search for patients

After every visit with Bright.md, patients receive a brief survey that asks about their experience.  From this feedback, we noticed that patients encounter friction with our preferred pharmacy selection–so we took a closer look to see how we could improve this. We implemented a technical upgrade to the pharmacy selection step, to make the process of searching and finding a preferred pharmacy more user friendly.

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