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June 21, 2023

Bright.md Spring ‘23 Product Release: Easier pharmacy selection, fast AVS access, motion sickness treatment, and more

Spring 2023 at Bright.md was all about evaluating our user experience—for patients and providers alike. We turned to our feedback surveys and our clinical advisory board to see where we could make the biggest impact in their day to day. As a result, our spring updates include product enhancements that will result in higher patient satisfaction, more efficient provider workflows, and enhanced clinical quality.

Streamlined process for patient pharmacy selection

When patients reach the end of a Bright.md asynchronous clinical interview, their next step is to find and select the pharmacy they’d like their prescriptions sent to. However, our patient survey results indicated this step in the process was ripe for a redesign. In turn, our team optimized the patient experience by giving them a simplified search, while removing steps for  repeat users who have a preferred pharmacy on-record. 

Fast after visit summary access

When patients are unwell, they want their diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as possible. By eliminating an extra step in this process, we created an even faster way for patients to receive their After Visit Summary.

Customers using Epic for their EHR can now give patients immediate access to their After Visit Summary once their visit with Bright.md has been reviewed by a provider. By enabling a new URL, patients clicking on the link in their email notification will bypass the MyChart login screen and go straight to reading their diagnosis and recommended treatment plan–and be on their way to feeling better, faster.

New motion sickness interview

As a result of the clinical advisory board meeting in April, the content team fulfilled a request to treat motion sickness asynchronously. With upcoming summer travel—and one in three people experiencing motion sickness at some point in their life—it made sense for us to include this new diagnosis as part of our solution. The motion sickness interview is designed for treatment and prophylaxis for patients aged 18 and over, and can be enabled by Bright.md admin users in the conditions management section.

Establishing patient trust with provider credentials

For patients, provider credentials communicate the commitment to certain standards of excellence, as well as the clinician’s dedication to knowledge and expertise in the field of medicine. Bright.md now clearly displays the treating provider’s credentials next to their name in all communications with patients, including the After Visit Summary. With stronger trust established with the provider, patients may be more likely to follow through with their recommended treatment plan, and to return to your organization for more acute care needs in the future.

Improved accessibility for images within patient chart history (Epic)

Patients viewing their history in MyChart will always see their Bright.md visit alongside their other office visits, with any relevant images associated. For patients who rely on accessibility support for interpreting this information, a text description for each image has been added to our integration to better meet accessibility standards. 

Expanded data collection for monitoring antibiotic stewardship 

The topic of our latest clinical advisory board meeting centered around proper prescribing of antibiotics. Bright.md holds a strong stance against the misuse of antibiotics, and we use data to closely monitor the balance between provider autonomy, patient satisfaction, and stewardship. In partnership with our customers, the Bright.md clinical team identified a use case that allows our team to identify potential antibiotic misuse: the number of times a provider changes the Bright.md recommended diagnosis from viral upper respiratory infection to bacterial sinusitis. The diagnosis change data will be used by our data science team in conjunction with other quality measures we use to monitor this larger issue. 

ICYMI—Embedded Bright.md is now available for Epic customers! Check out our recent blog post to learn more about this groundbreaking new level of integration.

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