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August 8, 2022

Bright.md recognized as one of The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2022

We’re excited to announce Bright.md has been named one of The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2022 by The Healthcare Technology Report. This recognition comes on the heels of Bright.md’s MedTech Breakthrough Award win for Best Overall Telehealth Solution for a second consecutive year, proving the impact our asynchronous telehealth solution is making for patients, providers, and leading health systems in today’s healthcare climate.

“These companies are changing the face of the industry,” reads The Healthcare Technology Report’s recent press release.  “They’re leveraging their considerable talent to find innovative solutions to the most pressing issues in healthcare….[and] what they have in common is the impact they are having on patients’ lives, whether through direct treatment or by providing advanced, game-changing products and services to treatment providers. They are driving the industry forward and creating an environment in which better care for all is possible.”

Within this past year, Bright.md has focused on value for our health system partners, with an emphasis on reaching more patient users to get and keep them healthy. Additionally, key platform improvements and enhancements made throughout this past year help us integrate more seamlessly with existing clinical workflows, improve provider experiences, and more.

In June, we announced a new effort to increase access to Paxlovid, a life-saving medication for Covid-19. Through Bright.md, physicians can prescribe Paxlovid to patients within five days of the onset of Covid-19 symptoms, without exposing others in urgent care or clinic settings. We additionally increase access to Paxlovid through no broadband requirements and a $30 cost-of-care average for patients who use our platform

Bright.md has also continued to deepen our integration with EHRs and have begun cultivating partnerships with other digital health platforms for more seamless handoffs within virtual care ecosystems. Because of this, we’re alleviating the administrative burdens providers face by automating chart notes and providing suggested care plans, and helping them practice at the top of their license.

For patients, we introduced Navigate, which offers a high-touch digital front door experience, directing patients to the right venue of care based on their symptoms, the first time around.

Bright.md’s asynchronous telehealth solution gathers information from patients through a dynamically-changing clinical interview, designed to mimic an in-person discussion between patient and provider. After a clinician reviews the symptoms and suggested care plan, they can offer care asynchronously in minutes. For health systems, the Bright.md solution is improving patient access, alleviating capacity constraints amid shortages, and offering a competitive advantage to drive patient retention. We’re also helping reduce the number of unnecessary ER or in-person urgent care visits, resulting in significant cost savings for the organization and some truly satisfied patients.

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