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November 13, 2019

Bright.md Digest: Retail and telehealth

When patients are given options, they engage more with their healthcare. That’s the lesson Walmart’s VP of transformation Marcus Osborne espoused at HLTH 2019 last week. “The healthcare system is designed to be complex when it should be simple.”

Retail makes its case, telehealth and voice tech dominate: 6 takeaways from HLTH19

UPS really did deliver prescription medications by drone earlier this month. Customers with limited mobility may someday receive more of their medications this way.

UPS delivers prescription medications to US homes by drone for the first time

And we have another retail story this week, but this one is about delivering virtual health care to employees of Amazon. Health and tech reporter Christina Farr, who wrote the article linked below, also followed up on twitter with some timely questions about how consumers feel about large tech companies having access to their protected health information.

Here’s how Amazon employees get health care through a new app — a glimpse of the future of medicine

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