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June 26, 2019

Bright.md Digest: Patients’ top complaints

The water cooler (i.e. Slack) conversations in the Bright.md office recently include discussions of what patients really complain about regarding their healthcare; how the town of Paradise, California, is rethinking healthcare as they rebuild after last summer’s wildfires; and the optimistic view that providers, patients—and policymakers—might finally be buying into the idea of virtual care as a standard way to provide healthcare.

The Advisory Board points to a study that finds “The nearly unanimous consensus is that in terms of impact on patient satisfaction, the waiting room trumps the exam room . . . Hardly anyone had a beef with the quality of health care received.”

Patients’ top complaint? It isn’t doctors or nurses, study finds

The remote town of Paradise, California, 90 miles north of the capitol, lost virtually its entire healthcare infrastructure in the wildfires that swept parts of the state last year.  Now Paradise is trying to assemble a more flexible system that may serve as a model for rural care.

Rebuilding Paradise: Finding health care after total destruction

Increasingly U.S. physicians are using telehealth to see their patients, and patients are more comfortable embracing technology in healthcare than ever before. Could the barrier of outdated reimbursement policies for telehealth services be catching up?

When Will Telehealth Simply Be ‘Health’? Some Experts Say Sooner Rather Than Later

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