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December 11, 2019

Bright.md Digest: How telehealth connects patients with Santa

It’s the holiday season, which means there are more cookies than usual in the office (and there are usually a lot of cookies in the office), the tree is up, and Santa somehow slipped into our Slack discussions.

There’s never a fun time to be in the hospital when you’re a child, but the holidays are especially rough. Four Shriners Hospitals for Children locations will use telehealth technology to bring the magic of Santa’s workshop to patients. Every child deserves world-class healthcare—they also deserve the ability to experience the joy of the holidays.

Telehealth Technology Brings Santa and the Magic of the North Pole to Shriners Hospitals for Children this Holiday Season

In the race to become viable investments, are some startups pitting product teams against medical advisors? We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: digital health startups must not cut corners when it comes to consumer health. There’s too much at stake. The best way to ensure success and patient safety is to build coalitions between product and medical departments.

Doctors and techies are clashing at digital health companies, and one start-up exec is seeking a fix

2019 was supposed to be the year big tech disrupted healthcare. But with the year winding down, it seems more true than ever that patients still trust their own doctors more than they trust Dr. Google. Will 2020 be the year that tide turns?

Bright.md Survey Reveals Tremendous Opportunity for Health Care Systems: Consumers Still Put More Trust in Health Care Providers and Hospitals than in Retailers and Big Tech

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