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July 10, 2019

Bright.md Digest: Email overload

When we think about EHRs and their link to physician burnout, we picture tired clinicians punching keys late at night. But a new study has found a connection between burnout and the amount of auto-generated emails that EHRs send. Alert fatigue is real—DING!—and it’s hurting our doctors.

Physicians’ Well-Being Linked to In-Basket Messages Generated by Algorithms in Electronic Health Records

For people living in rural communities, a visit to the doctor isn’t just inconvenient, it can also cost them a night in a hotel room. Lagging broadband technology and reimbursement challenges are slowing telehealth’s ability to overcome distance barriers, but patient demand could change that.

With Rural Health Care Stretched Thin, More Patients Turn to Telehealth

Do doctors share some responsibility for finding the most cost-effective choice when prescribing medications to their patients? A few tools that give physicians visibility into prescription prices exist and have been integrated into system’s EHRs, but differences in negotiated drug pricing threatens to thwart further progress.

Doctors Slow to Adopt Tech Tools that Might Save Patients Money on Drugs

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