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December 21, 2021

The year for asynchronous telehealth: 15 key resources from Bright.md in 2021

2021 was another year for the books. And as it winds down, many in healthcare are determining what to carry forward in the year ahead as the industry continues to shift toward a more consumer-centric, virtual-first approach.

Clinician wellbeing, patient satisfaction, and maintaining revenue are all key themes we heard from customers this year, as many look to asynchronous telehealth solutions like Bright.md to help address staffing shortages, navigate patients away from overcrowded urgent cares, and more. Below, we rounded up our top 15 trending content pieces to help you head into 2022. Discover key insights and advice from top thought leaders, updates on technology, and a better understanding of the value of asynchronous telehealth for providers, patients, and executives.

Our top resources

Resources that tackle today’s top digital care trends and industry issues like clinician wellness, virtual care strategies, and patient satisfaction.

  1. [EBOOK] How to Develop Your 2022 Digital Care Strategy: Put Your Telehealth Investments to Work with Baptist Health’s Dr. Brett Oliver
    Hear from two industry thought leaders on how to craft an effective, efficient digital care strategy as systems continue to grapple with the effects of the pandemic.
  2. [GUIDE] The Ultimate Guide to Asynchronous Telehealth
    What is asynchronous telehealth, why should clinicians and executives care, and how can it provide value to your organization?
  3. [WHITE PAPER] What’s Next? How to assess digital care solutions to create a sustainable hybrid care model post-pandemic
    Discover key care themes arising post-pandemic and how to assess top-tier digital solutions for an effective hybrid care model.
  4. [GUIDE] 12 best practices to mitigate provider burnout and improve clinician wellness
    In the months ahead, mitigating provider burnout and improving overall wellness must continue to be a priority for healthcare executives.

Our most-read articles

Quick-read articles, where we chat with industry experts and look at trends and statistics impacting digital care, revenue, and navigation.

  1. 4 keys to rebuild patient volumes and drive revenue in 2021
    How do you kick your digital front door wide open, while staying competitive and building back up revenue?
  2. Change management and embracing telehealth: A Q&A with Bright.md’s Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Edward Abraham
    “Now remember, this also comes back to people—providers, in particular—being burnt out by the pandemic. So, they want something to help them with that, but they’re sort of afraid of change too.”
  3. Navigation in a nutshell: How Bright.md solves for patient, provider challenges post-Covid
    With many digital options now readily available, it’s no surprise that 51 percent of patients polled need or want some kind of care navigator to help determine what next steps are right for them.
  4. New survey reveals 3 out of every 5 consumers would bypass local health systems for care
    Bright.md surveyed 1,200 consumers to discover how healthcare preferences and expectations have shifted as a result of Covid, and just how much of a threat direct-to-consumer healthcare options are becoming.

Our trending customer stories

Bright.md’s customers told us what’s keeping them up at night, how they’re thinking about patient engagement in the year ahead, and how our solution helps tackle some of their top challenges.

  1. [VIDEO] For clinicians, by clinicians: UnityPoint Health talks staffing, digital innovation with Bright.md
    Staffing, staffing, staffing—that’s what’s top of mind for UnityPoint Health’s Managing Director of Innovation, Matthew Warrens.
  2. Baptist Health introduces Bright.md to community to improve patient experience
    For common medical conditions like ear infections, rashes, or the flu, patients in Kentucky and southern Indiana now have on-demand access to Bright.md’s evidence-based care at their fingertips to help them get the quality care they trust from Baptist Health, 24/7.
  3. Customer spotlight: Rural system Winona Health talks patient engagement and increased care quality with Bright.md
    The team at Winona Health knows a thing or two about the value of asynchronous telehealth, so we sat down with Jessica Remington, Associate VP of Business Development at Winona Health, for a Q&A to dive deep.

Our announcements

Throughout the year, we were excited to have some great news to share, ranging from new products and awards, to industry-leading partnerships that drive value for your organization.

  1. Bright.md wins 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Telehealth Solution
    “Virtual care is no longer the future of healthcare—it is now an integral component of a comprehensive care delivery model and Bright.md is delivering a breakthrough solution in this space…”
  2. Get patients to the right venue of care, the first time: Introducing Navigate by Bright.md
    At Bright.md, the patient is at the center of every solution we develop, including our newest product, Navigate, a triage solution that’s helping health systems attract and retain patients, achieve positive patient outcomes, and reduce costs by guiding patients to the right venue of care.
  3. Bright.md and eVisit team up to provide holistic virtual care solution
    eVisit and Bright.md’s joint vision is to provide health systems with one seamless solution that integrates Bright.md’s clinical pre-visit interviews and signature asynchronous care with the trusted and simplified eVisit end-to-end platform for synchronous visits.
  4. Patient management made simple: Bright.md, VitalTech partner to power engagement through RPM, asynchronous care
    In a move to make care as simple as possible for patients, Bright.md and VitalTech, a leader in remote patient monitoring (RPM), announced a partnership to improve care management and streamline engagement for patients with chronic conditions.

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