SmartExam, your virtual physician assistant, automates the repetitive algorithmic steps that consume the time of your high-value clinical team - allowing you to cut the cost of visits by 80%, while delivering high-quality care your patients will love.

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While video visits alleviate the barrier to healthcare created by distance, especially for patients in rural areas or simply those with busy schedules, they do little to address the nation’s growing problem with physician burnout. Telehealth “removes the geographic barrier to care, but it doesn’t solve that underlying supply and demand issue,” said Constantini, who became “a little disenchanted with telehealth” during his time heading up the digital health services group at Renton, Wash.-based Providence Health & Services. “In fact, what I saw and what every delivery system I’ve worked with has seen, is that delivering care via video actually takes more provider time than delivering that same care in person.”

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Health systems are increasingly looking to maximize investments and see more patients, without sacrificing quality of care. SmartExam, our innovative telehealth solution, expands your capacity to treat patients, maximizes your brick and mortar investments, and seamlessly integrates with your EMR.

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